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Increase Your Productivity with this back Stretcher

Don’t allow bad posture, lower and upper back pain to reduce your productivity this year.

Lower back pain makes you want to sit down at all times. while upper back pain makes you have a bad posture.

Having a bad SPINE can have a very significant effect on your health and your quality of life.

From your looks. someone with bad posture looks insecure and as we know first impression matters.

The complications of poor Spine posture include BACK PAIN,

 All this and more are resultants of Spinal pains

This Is the Amazing Lumbar All in 1 Back Stretcher, that will get rid of your back pain and bad Posture in a week

Features of this AMAZING LUMBAR ALL IN 1 BACK STRETCHER include:

3 Levels Adjustable Traction

You can set this back stretcher to the level of intensity you want. either More Intense or less intense. in other for you to achieve optimal Relief from back pain.

Strong Material and Acupressure Points

This Back Stretcher is long Lasting due to the strong ABS material that was used to manufacture it. You also get a relaxed experience because of the soothing Thick Foam Cushion that is lined on it. you also get muscle relief and massage due to the 88 acupressure Points on the back stretcher.

Spinal Decompression and Instant Relief of Chronic Back Pain

Due to the scientific design method of this Back stretcher.upon first use. You get instant results. very intense spinal decompression and re-alignment. upon constant use of 5 -10 minutes, twice a day. you get a long lasting relief from any back pain. and correction in your posture

How much is this Back Stretcher?

This back stretcher is sold for

25,000 Naira only.

But if you are ready to buy and receive it within the next 48 hours.

You get it for

12,900 naira only

Gift Your Family and Friends

If you get more than 1 Back stretcher you get a discount of 2,000 Naira. if you get 3 you get a whopping 5,000 naira.

This could be the perfect Birthday, anniversary gift for your friend or family member who is always complaining of back pain. 


Why not take advantage of this Discount to get it for them. If you need more than 5. Please do well to contact us. We will be willing to give you at dozen Prices.

Risk Free Shoping.

You only pay after you have item at Hand. 

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